Får færre vakter enn kontrakten tilsier

Publisert: 20.11.2020

I am writing to ask about my job situation. I have been working in a restaurant for 2 years and since last year I got a 70 % fast stilling contract. The last months I haven’t worked so much and the hours are very little. I work 1 day per week, but my contract is still the same. Is it legal and right from my employer to do that and do I have the right to demand anything? I would like to get some information from you and to give you my information as well.


You are obliged to receive wages as if you were working 70 % as long as you have not been fired on legal grounds. Alternatively your employer has to apply for permittering, so that you may receive a compensation for the loss of your wages from NAV.

Med vennlig hilsen, advokat Ådne Jareld

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