Får ikke sykepenger eller feriepenger

Publisert: 07.12.2023

I want to make an appointment because my ex-employer didn't pay me for 1 week's sick leave and doesn't want to give me holiday money. I tried to contact them several times but got no response. I didn't want to make this decision but they left me no alternative.


I would advice You to contact Arbeidstilsynet. If they don't have the capacity to help you soon, then look into the list of lawyers practicing "arbeidsrett" at www.advokatenhjelperdeg.no. You will have the opportunity to make your employer bankrupt as he does not pay your wages. A lawyer will help you with this and also help you to det at refundert on legal expences from your former employer. You can anyhow give this message to your employer and perhaps expect something to happen.

Med vennlig hilsen, advokat Ådne Jareld

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