Betalt for høy rente til banken

Publisert: 04.01.2024

I took up a 'boliglån' with a Norwegian bank in December 2021. I just realised that the bank made an error and for the last 2 years have charged us an higher interest rate (Boliglån innenfor 75 % av verdigrunnlag) than they should have (Boliglån innenfor 50 % av verdigrunnlag). The difference is about 0.15 %. On our loan over 2 years this is equivalent to paying a little over 10 000,- too much. The bank corrected the interest rate but no offered no compensation. Seeking advice on compensation.


If you can document that the agreement when you took the loan was that it was a "boliglån innenfor 50 % av verdigrunnlag" you should be compensated for the ammount you have payed to much. You should send an formal claim about this to the bank. If they will not pay you back you can send the case to finansklagenemnda for assessment. You can find more info and make the complaint here

Med vennlig hilsen, advokat Alina Drazkowski

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