Can the court recognize me as a permanent employee?

Publisert: 03.10.2023

I worked for 20 years as a seasonal employee 7 days a week, during all these years the employer did not pay me overtime and only paid me the net hourly rate for work on weekends and holidays. After 20 years, I was fired by the union for being rude to employees, which was a lie. Can the court recognize me as a permanent employee if I have worked for so many years and have been trained to operate machines?


The Employment Protection Act, section 14-9 (7), states thtat
"employees who have been temporarily employed (work of a temporary nature) for more than four consecutive years...shall be deemed to be permanently employed so that the provisions concerning termination of employment relationships shall apply."

It it possible that the court would recognize you as permanently employed.

If you have not been paid an overtime suppliment to your ordinary pay for work during normal woring hours, it is possible to ask that this is paid by your employer. However, according to the statute of limitations, such monetary claims are obsoleted after three years.

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