Ønsker å få barn med privat donor

Publisert: 29.09.2022

Am an adult woman working in Norway for last 5 years under work permit and a tax payer. Am considering single motherhood, undergoing IVF treatment from Denmark with a known donor (who is a friend and resident of my native country). If I give birth to the child in Norway, I want this donor to remain 'anonymous' without being connected to the child legally or socially. Will the donor be bound by any kind of legal duty towards the child? In case, I pass away, who will be responsible for the child?


In order for the sperm donor to not have any legal obligations or rights in relation to the child, according to Norwegian law you need to have the child through a formal sperm donor process through a hospital/clinic. If this is done outside of such a program, the sperm donor will be the childs legal father.

If you pass away, the child protective services will look for living relatives or other people the child has a relationship with, to see if there is someone in the childs life that can take care of the child. If they can't find any one, child protective services will take custody of the child and find a suitable placement, typically a foster home.

Med vennlig hilsen, advokat Cathrine Rieber-Mohn

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