Ønsker tilbakekalling av bekymringsmelding

Publisert: 23.10.2023

On 05 october we had a meeting with BUP, During the aforementioned meeting, BUP rationale submitting a "Bekymringsmelding" to the Barnevern. While we acknowledge her concerns, we wish to express our apprehension regarding the apparent lack of review of the evidence we provided to address her concerns. Our submitted evidence includes statements from teachers.


BUP is required to report to Barnevernet if they receive information that a child does not have sufficiently good care conditions. The child welfare service (barnevernet) will then assess the report of concern and whether the conditions for opening an investigation case have been met. You can submit documentation to the child protection service, if you wish, but you cannot demand that BUP change its report of concern.

Med vennlig hilsen, advokat Cathrine Rieber-Mohn

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