Holder barna unna far pga medisinering

Publisert: 23.02.2023

Separated for 2.5 years now. Our original agreement was 70/30, but now this is what ever she comes up with at the time. She is claiming this is because of medication I am prescribed from my doctors puts my children at risk. I’ve taken some form of medication since an accident 15 years ago and now this is being used to hold my kids from me. Is this legal?


If you can't agree on the current visitation schedule you should contact Familievernkontoret (Family counseling services) and schedule a mediation to try solve your disagreements. They can also have a conversation with the children, if they are old enough - typically over 7 years, as children have I right to be heard in matters of importance to them.

If the agreement you have is made out of court, there aren't any formal consequences for her in breaking the agreement. It is not illigal for her to stop the children from visiting you. Most children will benefit from spending time with both parents, and they also have a right to, so you should work together to find an agreement that is in the best interest of your children.

If you can't solve your issues at family counseling services, you should contact a lawyer that specializes in family law. They can give you specific advice to your situation.

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