Rettigheter ved skilsmisse

Publisert: 31.03.2023

I am Greek married to a Norwegian. We got married in Norway. We have a 3 year old son. I have lived in Norway for 4 years. Our son goes to the barnehage. This is the first time-year I have worked in Norway as a teacher at an ungdomsskole (vikariat 60 %). I am considering divorce and would like to know my rights, obligations and possibilities-options. We rent an apartment. In case of divorce I would prefer that our son lives mostly with me. I have a low income and not a fast-secure job.


The Family Welfare Centre (familievernkontoret) can help you reach an agreement regarding your child. One hour mediation is needed to obtain a mediation certificate (meklingsattest), before applying for separation from Statsforvalteren. Counselling at the centre is free of charge. The certificate is valid for six months, and is required if you have to take the case further to the Court. With a gross income below NOK 350 000,- and assets of less than NOK 150 000,- (2023) you may be entitled to free assistance from a lawyer, free legal aid.

In addition to child support from the other parent, - and the right to extended child benefit: if you are a single parent (at least 60 per cent of the daily care of children alone) and have children under the age of 8 years , you may apply for transitional benefit (overgangsstønad) from Nav for up to three years. In some cases, this period can be extended. Your income determines if, and how much benefit you're entitled to. One of the other conditions for the right to transitional benefit is that the applicant has been a member of the social security scheme for the last five years before a claim is made, but social security period from other EEA countries can be taken included when assessing the right to transitional benefit. There are also other benefits you may apply for, depending on the age of the child, special needs etc. Please see for more info.

When it comes to the financial settlement for you and your former spouse, - it's necessary to know more about your assets, debts, and if you have a prenuptial agreement etc. You may be entitled to free assistance from a lawyer, (free legal advice).

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