Kan man bli trukket i lønn for pauser?

Publisert: 14.03.2022

If I have a contract that is 100 %, which as far as I know is 162.5 hours, and if I work for example 162.5 hours but when I put in my breaks I have less then 162.5 and I get paid less then 162.5 is that ok or should I be paid 162.5 and not any less than that even though I had my breaks which take around 10-11 hours from the total? This is a question regarding company that is not bound by any collective agreement, only law of Norway.


A man-year is basically 1950 hours, but this includes holiday time. Ordinary working hours for daytime work are often agreed to be 37.5 hours per week, though the Norwegian Working Environment Act is based on 40 hours per week. The breaks are in addition and are unpaid if the employee has access to a satisfactory break room. The agreed working hours should be stated in your employment contract. You are entitled to payment for agreed work time, based on your employment contract.

Be aware that stressful working time arrangements mean that the number of hours per week decreases. In that case, the hourly wage should reflect this.

Med vennlig hilsen, advokat Ådne Jareld

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