Arbeidsgiver truer med rettssak

Publisert: 19.06.2023

My employer is threatening to sue me because I left my position before my notice was done which was 4 months in the contract. He said that he will sue me for the damages it caused because of my absence and for the time and money it's going to take him to find my replacement. The work environment was very hostile at moments and he insulted me on numerous occasions. The place of business is a restaurant.


Leaving your position before the end of your notice period, is a breach of your employment contract. This could give your employer a claim against you for damages caused by your breach of contract.

For you to have a legal right to cancel your employment contract, you would need to be able to prove a substantial breach of the employment contract from your employer. For insults and hostile work environment to give you this right, the circumstances would have to be aggravating.

Med vennlig hilsen, advokat Torbjørn Evjenth

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