Feilaktig nedjustering av arbeidsavtale

Publisert: 14.11.2023

Midlertidig Ansettelsesavtale for 2 years. After 1 year, the recruiting company (NES Advantage) shortened my contract without any discussion while on 50 % sickleave. After only 1 week they introduced 10 new employees in the same project 4 with exactly my job title. Afterwards both the recruiter and client advertised exactly similar positions totally contradictory to their claims of “significant change in the workload” and “not being able to offer an alternative assignment”. Can I take legal action?


Based on what you write, you could have a claim towards your employer. My recommendation is to contact Advokatvakten closest to where you live, and get an assesment there.

Info about advokatvakten: https://advokatenhjelperdeg.no/advokatvakten/

Med vennlig hilsen, advokat Torbjørn Evjenth

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